Mr. Nilesh Kumar recently landed a job as a Senior Product Manager at Celigo, a Global Talent Exchange client. 

Our team was interested in getting to know him better, understanding his career path, and getting feedback on his journey working with GTX. 

Read on for excerpts from our conversation with the professional. 

Could you give us a brief about yourself? 

I’ve been in the IT industry for a total of 11 years now. My professional journey began with Oracle India where I worked in the implementation domain for 7 years. Post that, I went on to do my MBA from XLRI, a reputed University in Jamshedpur. I was hired by Infosys as a product manager and was with them for 3 years. Following that, I joined KPMG as an Assistant Manager. Now, I’ve just found a wonderful opportunity with Celigo as a Senior Product Manager. 

What motivated you to look out for a job change? What was the main driving factor behind the decision?

I started my professional journey with consulting, and it was only after I completed my MBA that I was introduced to product management. That’s when I feel I found my true passion. I loved being a product manager. Though it was easy for me to land a job in consultancy, that’s not a role I felt “driven” in. 

Thus, the major reason to look out for a job change was to make my way back into product management, as it is very important for me to have a sense of purpose in my work and feel the satisfaction that comes with it. Celigo gave me the perfect opportunity. 

What progress do you seek professionally in this role? What do you hope to gain from it?

I feel that Product management is the heart of a business, and I’m pumped to be able to contribute to it. 
Moreover, I believe that digital transformation has been on the rise and Celigo is one such company that makes it possible. I want to be an enabler and a key part of it. 

How long have you been on the lookout for a job change? How long did it take you to land a role with Celigo?

I was searching for about a month before I landed the perfect opportunity with Celigo. I gave two interviews, which I cracked, but preferred to go with Celigo. I had no dearth of opportunities from big names in the industry, but I was picky and didn’t settle till I found one that aligned with my belief and passion.

Global Talent Exchange brought me this opportunity and helped me a lot throughout. 

Why did you decide to go with Celigo? What stood out?

The Glassdoor rating of the company was wildly impressive, and it was higher than any I had ever come across. It matched my expectations and gave me the space to be an enabler, as I mentioned. 

The interview rounds gave me insight into the company culture, the leadership, and the open interactions. Moreover, the other employees in the company review it highly.

How did your journey with GTX begin?

I was contacted by someone from the GTX team who informed me about the available opportunity at Celigo. 

How was your experience with the GTX team, from start to finish?

It was extremely smooth and there were several follow-ups from the team. The point of contact made sure that I was comfortable throughout and was exceptionally patient. She informed me of the requirements and made sure I have the Job description. Moreover, the process was made very transparent. She let me know what I should expect at each stage of the interview process, and what I should prepare, and gave me the time frame in which I should expect a response. 

I would say it was an excellent job done by the team with smooth communication and an efficient transition process. The ease of the process enabled me to give my very best. It was an awesome experience with GTX. 

What differences would you say were apparent between other recruiting platforms and GTX? 

From my personal experience, I would say that during the interview process, there are lapses from both ends often- the employer and the employee. 

GTX made sure there were no lapses during the entire process. The team was attentive and there was no slippage. 

You’ve been in this industry for a while now, and you hadn’t heard of Celigo- yet found a wonderful opportunity with them. Do you think with the developments taking place in India- especially in Tech and IT, such impressive opportunities have sprouted throughout the nation at a very rapid pace? 

I completely agree. India has become a magnet for talent. With the new companies that have come up of late, opportunities are growing vastly and the requirement for talent is booming.  

Without a doubt, it requires one to “take a plunge” to work for a relatively new company, but from my own experience, I can confidently say that it is necessary to take this plunge. It can be extremely rewarding. The salary structure has changed, and the work culture has improved- It’s a wonderful time for India. 

Would you recommend GTX to your friends/colleagues? 

Most definitely. GTX has given me one of the best opportunities of my life and is partnered with impressive companies like Celigo. 

I would undoubtedly propose your name to my family/friends/colleagues who might be on the lookout for a good opportunity. 

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