Our Purpose

GTX is a global tech recruitment platform that brings gamechangers – businesses and talent - together

These are exciting times, of technology pushing the boundaries of human possibility, working towards making life better across the world by accelerating social and financial inclusion, and making people and the planet healthier.

With India emerging as a global technology hub and rapid digitalization - e-governance is expanding the scope and scale of what technology can do and technology companies are on the lookout for outstanding talent with the rarest of skillsets, the talent that can help them realize their vision.

We scout the world for your talent requirements and help you realize your goals.

Founders’ Speak

“To enable game changers, find their perfect opportunities and game-changing organizations find their niche skilled talent” – With this vision, we co-founded GTX and built the platform that enables talent around the world to explore opportunities, and move across geographies seamlessly.

With decades of experience in solving complex talent acquisition problems, we’ve helped enterprise customers & start-ups craft their global talent acquisition strategies. We now see India at an inflection point to become the talent hub of the world moving forward. We see ourselves as the talent acquisition partners to the companies pursuing global ambitions.

We understand how important the right talent fit is, for organizations to pursue innovations and achieve their ambitious goals. With a strong data-driven culture and a rich community network, we work with you in creating the perfect talent pipeline for your organization. Our services go beyond identifying the right talent, to ensuring the transition process is also taken care of with associate services.

We specialize in NRI talent relocating to India. From personalizing the right opportunity fit for the niche’ skilled to ensuring a cultural fit with the organization, we make certain that your return to India is as rewarding as it is seamless. With a new beginning back home, that helps you pursue your true calling.

We believe in open communication, transparency in details, respect for privacy rights, and a personalized approach to every customer of ours. We would be happy to engage with you on any requirement – immediate or longer term. Connect with us and let’s discuss how we can add value to your search.

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