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As the world's fifth-largest economy with a robust technology industry, India leads with digitalization and hosts the third-largest start-up ecosystem. India is driving innovations and transformations at scale and speed – opening up a multitude of opportunities that will create global impact.

As it presents itself as the technology hub for the world, India’s Tech Industry opens up opportunities for specialized skills, to “Make in India, for the world”, across domains.

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Skills in demand

In the fast evolving technology ecosystem, India has a huge opportunity to become the digital talent hub of the world. The demand for talent in advanced technologies like AI, Robotics, and Data Science is predicted to be 20 times greater than the supply by 2025.

Data Science

With ever growing digitalization, the skills to analyze and interpret data surges in demand.

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The growth of SaaS and PaaS models and increasing data storage and consumption demands experts in Cloud technologies.

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India offers a vibrant AI Ecosystem to create innovative, high impact, and hi-tech AI solutions across industries.

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Cyber Security

As e-commerce and digitalization grows and data privacy concerns rise, cyber security roles become paramount to businesses.

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Block Chain

New business models that drive security and transparency and an increased adoption of ioT makes blockchain integral to businesses.

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Software Engineering

With newer technologies gaining adoption and speed of change across domains, skilled software developers hold their niche.

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A growing adoption of new technology business models from fintech to agritech is driving the demand for ioT expertise.

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India’s Technology ecosystem and policy initiatives have positioned it as the world's technology R&D hub to drive innovations to overcome global challenges.

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