Mr. Chinna Tamatam is currently working as Software QA Lead with Celigo, a Global Talent Exchange client. 

His professional journey has been fascinating and enriching. With over 12+ years of experience in tech and he has immense domain knowledge of the Telecom, healthcare, and eCommerce industry. His skills include (but are not limited to) manual testing, web testing, integration testing, API testing, user acceptance, and regression testing. 

After ensuring Chinna is well settled in his new role, our team recently reached out to him and invited him to provide some insight into his experience working with GTX and understand the tech scenario in India from the perspective of someone who’s been doing this for a long time. 

Here’s what he had to say.

Could you give us a brief about yourself and your professional journey?

I’ve been in the IT industry for about 12 years now and also have some experience in sales. Previously, I worked with Tech Mahindra for about 8years as a project lead. After that, I moved to CriticalRiver INC. as the technical lead of testing. Now, I’m working as a Software Quality Assurance Lead in Celigo- a role that I got with the help of the GTX team. 

With the experience you possess, the decision for changing a job is usually highly motivated by a strong driving factor. What was yours? 

There are actually a lot of things I consider before moving on from a company. I think the major considerations, that everyone looks at, is a chance to advance one’s career, receive better pay, and upskill oneself according to the changing market requirements and conditions. 

When I felt I needed a change, this is what I kept in mind while looking out for the proper opportunities. 

What progress do you seek professionally in this role? What do you hope to gain from it?

My expectations have been different from each role that I have taken up in my career. Of course, the responsibilities I have are important, but it’s crucial for me to be given a chance to upgrade my skills in a big way. I want to be exposed to new technologies, tools, and features that are entering the markets and be in touch with the advancements we see around us. 

To put it very simply, I wish to grow significantly personally and professionally in this role. 

Before landing this lucrative opportunity with Celigo, how long were you on the lookout for a change? 

It’s actually very interesting. When I decided to look out for a change, I merely updated my Linkedin profile to “open to work”. I did not upload my resume or details on any other job platforms. Within just two weeks of doing so, I was contacted by a recruiting consultant from GTX. It was commendable; not only does GTX provide Celigo with all the details about a candidate like me, but they ensure that each candidate is given a whole world of information about the company we are applying to. 

The POC (Prashanth from GTX) provided me a detailed scenario of what I can expect if I am selected with Celigo, and now that I have joined-it’s exactly what I was told.

With your experience, you probably would have a range of opportunities to choose from. What made you go with Celigo- what stood out? 

To be honest, I had 2-3 more offers in front of me while I was in talks with Celigo. However, I wanted product experience in my profile and wanted to build my skillset in that domain. Celigo stood out to me from every angle. I was very impressed by what they were providing and I noticed a lot of growth potential for each employee. 

They also keep in mind that work-life balance is important for people. All of this together made me opt for Celigo as the next step in my career.

How was your experience with the GTX team, from start to finish?

I think it’s incredible how proactive GTX is- I was barely searching for a job for two weeks before they contacted me. From the very first call, I felt well-informed about Celigo and was given the details about the company, what they are looking for, the job requirements, and more. The POC explained to me in detail about the opportunity and patiently took up any questions that I had. 

Sometimes recruiters evade questions like the pay and benefits, but with GTX that was made crystal clear from the start. Your team scheduled meetings with Celigo promptly and everything was done on schedule. 

I do recall that there was a slight delay from Celigo’s end due to a snag in the recruitment process (all of which was clarified later) but during that time too, GTX acted as a firm bridge in between, keeping me motivated and interested. This prevented any loss of interest, fallouts, or miscommunication. 

Even after I got the offer letter from Celigo, GTX regularly got in touch with me to check my comfort level and how I am doing. The process had a lot of clarity and transparency. 

You’ve been in this industry for a while now, and you hadn’t heard of Celigo- yet found a wonderful opportunity with them. Do you think with the developments taking place in India- especially in Tech and IT, such impressive opportunities have sprouted throughout the nation at a very rapid pace? 

Yes. I hadn’t heard of Celigo specifically but was well aware of the industry they’re in and the problems they work upon. I think in the last few years, several startups have sprouted throughout the country, which is why we’re witnessing a growth in the impressive tech opportunities for professionals. 

Another thing that has changed in India is the increase in work flexibility- like Work-from-home options.

Would you care to comment on India’s role in emerging tech in the global scenario?

We’ve always considered the West as being more tech-forward and progressive. However, now India is stepping up big time. I have had experience working with Europe as well, and I’ve noticed that they are extremely rigid about their timings. In India, there is a lot of discipline. People go out of their way to get their work done and productivity is very high here. India is playing a big role in the emerging tech domain and working on solving some crucial problems. 

Global Talent Exchange is a next-gen tech talent platform helping techies like you find the perfect opportunities, even if they are overseas. Would you recommend GTX to your friends/colleagues? 

Of course! I’ve read through some of the NRI testimonials on your website and I know that you guys are doing some great work. GTX is a great platform for NRIs who want to return to India and even generally for candidates like myself.