Global Talent Exchange recently participated in Asia’s Largest HR and WorkTech Conference!

People Matters’ #TechHRIN event was held on the 4th and 5th of August 2022 at The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon. GTX was part of the startup program and the experience was surreal, to say the least.
Avinash Bichali & Yadunandan M B - Co-Founders at GTX

Businesses are employee-driven and the world is increasingly turning its focus to how technology can be used to address the problems of the workplace and make talent management a smoother, efficient process. People Matters brings together Thought leaders, HR practitioners, Tech Leaders, Startups, and Investors that are all striving for the same purpose- to drive a change in this field. The event also serves as a platform to network, create brand awareness, and explore the cutting-edge innovation and technologies made to improve HR processes.

People Matters

HR technology is certainly the need of the hour. The developments have led to a change in the traditional ways of managing the workforce and switched to a model that saves time and resources for the business and boosts productivity within the team. Organizations are focusing on how to care for their employee’s well-being, developing structured systems for reward management, and coming out with unique ways to keep the workforce engaged with the company. All of these efforts are resulting in an environment of satisfaction and boosted retention rates.

Panel Discussion

Additionally, HR Technology has allowed the world to reimagine recruiting practices and is helping to blur the lines between physical and geographical boundaries. It is now easier than ever to access talent globally, from skill-rich regions of the world, and bridge the gap between the availability of opportunities and the lack of local talent. This is the problem that GTX is addressing.

Our founders, Avinash Bichali and Yadunandan M B, represented Global Talent Exchange at the event. We got to interact with our fellow startup program participants and were introduced to the revolution that is making its way into the HR domain. We also had the opportunity to network with the startup program investors and mentors which led to some insightful conversations.

GTX at Start-Up Presentation

There were several panel discussions, keynote speeches, and chats organized at the event which were enlightening and thought-provoking. 

Sajith Pai (Venture Capitalist, Blume Ventures), Ashish Mittal (Chief Mentor and Investor, Turning Ideas Ventures), and Anjali Chatterjee (CHRO, Air India) spoke at length about the challenges that face the workplace that excite and scare them and discussed niche skills like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Intelligence, Blockchain and more. 

A key theme taken up in several chats was the issue of employee wellness- be it mental, emotional, or physical. Rujuta Diwekar (Nutritionist and Author) provided interesting insights into this, prompting everyone to re-examine and actively control how work could be impacting our mind and body. 

Session by Rujuta Diwekar

Session by Peyush Bansal

Evening with Lucky Ali

On the whole, it was an energizing and enjoyable experience. Such events draw attention to the power of technology and the extent to which it gives us the means to progress in every industry. It’s empowering to watch passionate people using the endless potential of technology for the good of humanity. 

Global Talent Exchange is geared up, more than ever, to drive change and make a difference in this space. We look forward to being a part of many such programs and spreading the word about GTX. 

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