India is on the rise. The country’s rapid economic growth and technological advancement is making waves on the global stage, but there is one major pressing challenge casting shadows on our potential: the talent shortage. 

The demand for skilled professionals in diverse industries, particularly up-and-coming technologies, is far outpacing the available supply. According to an EY and iMocha report, an overwhelming majority of 81% of organizations are experiencing a shortage of skilled tech workers. The impact of this talent shortage reverberates across various sectors, hindering innovation, slowing down project implementation, and impeding the nation's ability to fully capitalize on the momentum. 

How can we progress without the correct minds to drive breakthroughs? Will this forever dampen the country’s ambition to lead the digital revolution? How can India bridge this talent gap and ensure its continued success in the global arena? 

One promising solution that has been gaining momentum is "brain gain" – a strategic approach that focuses on attracting skilled NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) back to their homeland. This could truly be the game-changer we need right now. Read on to know why!

Understanding Brain Gain 

You’re probably aware of brain drain already. India has been struggling for decades as the top performers from each industry choose to leave in search of better opportunities and a better lifestyle elsewhere. However, now, we focus on the solution.

Brain gain refers to the process of attracting and encouraging highly skilled Indian professionals who have been residing abroad to come back. It is a reverse migration phenomenon that aims to harness the vast potential of the diaspora to drive progress within the country.

This strategic approach holds immense promise for India on multiple fronts. Firstly, it can infuse the workforce with a pool of diverse talents, honed by their experiences in leading organizations and academia. By attracting NRIs, we can tap into a valuable resource of specialists in areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, and cybersecurity, among others. Not only do these professionals have a great understanding of these fields, but have also worked and resolved problems that a developing country like ours is likely to face in the future. 

Overcoming Challenges 

If the country is prospering and thriving so well, what’s making the diaspora hesitant to return home? 

  • Cultural Adjustment
Leaving behind a life established in a foreign land and readjusting to the rich tapestry of India's cultural diversity can be a daunting prospect for NRIs. Embracing new traditions, customs, and social norms while rekindling old connections demands adaptability and resilience.

  • Career Prospects
They often ponder whether their skillsets and experiences acquired abroad will seamlessly align with the opportunities available in India. The fear of potential stagnation or underutilization of talents can act as a deterrent to the thought of returning.

  • Navigating Uncertainty
Uncertainty regarding various aspects, including infrastructure, work-life balance, compensation, and social safety nets, can lead to apprehension about repatriation. The fear of the unknown can overshadow the aspiration for a homecoming.

5 Strategic Advantages for Indian Organizations 

In the quest for top professionals, Indian organizations now have a golden opportunity at their fingertips. 

Powerful Knowledge Exchange: Brain gain fosters a vibrant exchange of knowledge, where returning NRIs share their global expertise while embracing the rich reservoir of wisdom that organizations here have to offer. There is a clear mutual benefit, ultimately leading to the success of the company in the shorter and longer run.

Solving the Talent Puzzle: India, while a pioneer in several fields, is now playing fast catch up with the world. What companies need is someone with experience to take the reigns and lead the team in the right direction; thus, effectively solving the talent and skill gap in the country.

Building Global Bridges: Brain gain not only bridges the gap between international markets and Indian organizations but also serves as a catalyst for opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations. The returning NRIs act as exceptional bridge-builders, leveraging their global exposure and connections to navigate uncharted territories. They bring valuable insights into emerging trends, consumer preferences, and industry best practices from around the world.

The Complete Package: If you thought finding the right tech skills was tough, that was just half of it! Companies today need their employees to have an effective balance of soft and hard skills to thrive in the market - and this includes being flexible, adaptable, and open to learning. These returning NRIs have honed their skills through diverse and multicultural experiences and have developed the ability to communicate and collaborate well as well as deal with different social dynamics with ease.

Embracing Diversity, Enhancing Retention: When Indian organizations prioritize DEI initiatives, they create an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel valued, included, and empowered to contribute their best. This exposure to different perspectives broadens employees' horizons, challenges preconceived notions and enhances their cultural intelligence. It promotes empathy, respect, and appreciation for the unique contributions that everyone brings to the table.

And this isn’t a one-way street! The West is facing massive disruptions while India continues climbing the ladder to the top. NRIs, upon returning, are provided with roles and opportunities that allow them to flourish and contribute in places where their brilliance can shine through. They are respected and celebrated. On a personal level, they are able to reconnect with the people that matter- family, friends, and relatives, and feel the warmth of belongingness. 

Paving the Way: Government Support 

The Indian Government has been proactive in rolling out initiatives that incentive the return of the NRI population back to India. One such landmark program is the “Pravasi Bharatiya Divas,” which is an annual event that brings together the diaspora and provides a platform for collaboration, networking, and exchange of ideas. It is to recognize their remarkable contributions to both India and the world. 

There are also other niche programs like ‘Startup India’ that offer a conducive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with guidance and mentorship to launch and nurture their ventures on home soil, well aligned with Modi’s ‘Make In India’ mission. 

Along with this, multiple avenues have been provided for the diaspora to invest in the country, directly or indirectly, to be a part of the growth story. 

A Homecoming with Open Arms: Billion Dreams 2023 

India’s sights are set on the future, and it’s time to transform a previous hindrance into a potent force for growth and change for the country through brain gain. 

At Global Talent Exchange, we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution.

We're all set to host Billion Dreams 2023, the largest 'Return to India' Hiring Event and Conference for NRIs once again. This could be your golden ticket to a world of opportunities!

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