A market worth $1.5 trillion, a government that is aggressively pursuing its semiconductor dream, and a growing stream of global semiconductor giants looking at India for setting up their R&D centers- if there is a right time to be in the semiconductor industry, it is now; if there is a right place to be in the semiconductor industry, it is here, in India.

India’s growing love with semiconductors

India has been taking quiet but definitive steps towards building indigenous chip design capability for a few years now. Apart from the lucrative market size, there are several other factors contributing to India’s focus on semiconductors:
  • To avoid being crippled by the kind of chip shortages that have hit industries across the globe
  • To enhance the country’s net value added to the entire electronics manufacturing process
  • To gain a strategic advantage because the country does not want to rely on imports for critical infrastructure such as defense and electricity
  • To create a positive impact on GDP, significantly reducing its import bills and adding billions to GDP

Opportunities Galore

With subsidies as much as 40–50% of the cost of setting up semiconductor fabs and its offer of more than $1 billion in cash to each semiconductor company that sets up manufacturing units in the country, India is gradually being looked at as a serious player in the semiconductor industry. Over the years, India has developed a large talent pool of chip designers. It is working on adding process engineers to its talent roster and eventually to set up chip fabrication and production.

To add to this, many global semiconductor companies such as ARM, Qualcomm, Intel, Cadence, Texas Instruments, Micron, NXP Semiconductors, MediaTek, AMD, and more recently Google have set up design and software development infrastructure here, helping create a critical mass of talent that understands chip development. Even The Tata Group is set to enter semiconductor manufacturing.

A new breed of deep tech hardware startups is also emerging to further India’s Semicon dream.

The Micron India Advantage — the perfect opportunity for your move back to India

Micron is a world leader in innovative memory solutions that transform how the world uses information. For over 40 years, the company has been instrumental to the world’s most significant technology advancements, delivering optimal memory and storage systems for a broad range of applications. With over 40,000 patents, Micron is credited with developing DDR5, the most technologically advanced DRAM to date.

It now seeks to get the best minds into their India R&D centers at Bengaluru and Hyderabad to drive innovations that will help transform the world.

So if you are a Semicon game changer and have been looking for reasons to get back home to India, Micron has the perfect offering for you:
  • A brand that is synonyms with innovation in the semiconductor industry
  • An organization that has consistently been featured as a “Great Place to Work”
  • A team that is relentless in its pursuit of innovation
  • The power to influence not millions but billions of lives
  • Bringing you closer to home and closer to people that really matter

Are you game for the next big breakthrough in semiconductor space?

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