The 25th edition of India’s flagship event and Asia’s most prestigious tech summit, the Bengaluru Tech Summit, was held from the 16th-18th of November 2022 at Bangalore Place. Global Talent Exchange participated in the Startup Program of the event. 

Here’s a recap of our exhilarating experience!

The theme of the 3-day event was #Tech4NextGen, a topic that has been gaining prominence and becoming increasingly relevant with India’s massive progress in the emerging tech domain. 

BTS sought to bring together over 350 industry leaders from around the world, research think tanks, academics as well as policymakers to engage in discussion and explore the opportunities that lie before us and the vision as well as the path we must take to help the country achieve its goals at the earliest. Innovation is rampant and it’s essential to now put collaborative efforts on a pedestal. 

Some of the important focus areas of the event included mRNA, Life sciences, MedTech, Vaccine Equity, Agriculture, Cellular immunotherapies, biotechnology, Biotech, and much more. This was also intended to serve as a platform to celebrate the different startups that are working on resolving problems that face humanity at large and are driving change with the use of technology. 

In addition, the Bengaluru Tech Summit, with over 575 exhibitors, has often been regarded as a wonderful event for people to network, make strong connections, ignite partnerships and increase their awareness about the latest trends in this amazing industry. 

The event was kicked off on a high note with a virtual inaugural address by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

A key message of his speech was that India has been revolutionized in several ways- it is now no longer known for red tape, but the country has laid out a “red carpet” for investors. Bengaluru is now the 5th city in the world that garners and attracts the most venture capital investments, due to the large number of immersive tech firms that the area has given birth to. 

“From reforming the foreign direct investment to offering the ease of doing business and increasing the production incentive schemes in various sectors, India’s excellent factors can bridge your investment and our innovation.” 
PM Modi also extensively talked about using innovation for global good and mentioned that our country is using it as a weapon to defeat poverty. Technology is highly regarded as an exclusive domain- available only to the cream of the crop or the privileged few in society. However, India has attempted- and largely succeeded- to democratize tech in order to reach the furthest corners of our diverse society. 
Hon’ble Chief Minister Of Karnataka, Shri Basavaraj Bommai, was also present at the event. During his address, he announced that Karnataka would be developing six new “high-tech” cities as well as a startup park. He declared that the state would now turn its focus toward setting up top-notch universities and research centers, as part of their contribution toward supporting and boosting India’s tech industry. 

CM Bommai also highlighted the importance of sustainable innovation- resources are dwindling, and the brilliant minds of society must get together to formulate solutions to save the planet- “Global thinking” is what he called it. 

A major highlight of the event was the insightful sessions and panel discussions. 

Prof. Ajay K Sood, Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India, talked about the  Convergence of Technological Revolution for advancing India's growth trajectory. There was also an interesting dialogue on India’s power in the emerging tech, which covered key elements like the Indian opportunity to utilize AI for good, how the “make in India” program can benefit the world, as well as data science as a significant lever that is driving semiconductor innovation in the country for a better future. 

BTS left no stone unturned to take up every new-gen technology and explore its potential to the fullest.

There were also a few sessions that took up the strategic relationship between India and the U.S. with regard to the critical and emerging tech domains- cyber, artificial intelligence, quantum, 5G, 6G, space hardware, biotech, and more. These two scientifically rich communities must collaborate to build up the global science and tech ecosystem, and strengthen national ties in the process. 

Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar- Hon'ble MoS for Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Dr. Ashwath Narayan C N- Hon’ble Minister for Electronics, IT, BT and S&T, Higher Education, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship & Livelihood

Circling back, Global Talent Exchange was represented at the event by our Bangalore team.  We utilized the opportunity of this incredible platform to network and connect with several industry professionals, igniting fascinating conversations and broadening our understanding of the realm.

GTX Booth
GTX is a next-gen tech platform that is working toward enhancing the global brain circulation phenomenon. In the fast-evolving technology ecosystem, India has a huge opportunity to become the digital talent hub of the world 

However, there is one challenge that remains- the ginormous talent gap!

Global Talent Exchange eliminates this obstacle by ensuring Indian organizations have access to highly skilled tech talent from around the world, enabling them to scale and compete internationally. We use our network to map and source people from skill-rich global talent hubs and provide our clients access to this pool to find the perfect fit for their team.

Human capital is an incredibly valuable asset for companies, especially in such a stage of constant growth and development as India is in right now. This asset is becoming incredibly mobile, and the diaspora is garnering knowledge, skills, and experience and returning back to their homeland to contribute meaningfully to society. 

Our flagship ‘Return To India’ program provides a platform for NRIs across the world to connect with organizations back home and find suitable opportunities, wherein their global exposure is celebrated and utilized for growth. 

On the whole, we are grateful to have attended an event of such grandeur and significance. 

Empowered, motivated, and re-energized, we’re geared up to drive change and make a difference in this space. 

GTX Team
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